To every meat lover and vegetarian, the whole aspect of going vegan may send shivers down your spine. But the question remains: Could you really sustain it?

What Is A Vegan Diet?

A vegan diet is mainly a plant-based diet, or in better words, does not include any animal-sourced products, including honey. Now, individuals may choose to live this lifestyle for various reasons. The most common is due to improving health, and a close second is to be more animal friendly. This also coincides with being environmentally friendly as well, as plant-sourced food hardly hurts the environment, whereas cattle and poultry farms take up large swathes of land and use massive amounts of water and other precious resources to make its end product; packaged meat. Veganism, as it is officially called, has been gaining steam throughout the past decade, and has been controversial to say the least.

The social stigma of being a vegan can depend on where you’re from. If you’re from a part of the world that is steeped in tradition, religion, and other factors, you may or may not be ridiculed for being a vegan. But in more gentrified places, there is more acceptance for alternative ways of living. So, the question of being a vegan also has a social standing. The current climate around the world sees a more hostile view to change, and is therefore important to know your environment before considering to make such a leap.

Vegan diet

How Do Vegans Sustain themselves?


To everyone’s surprise, a vegan diet is actually widely regarded to be rewardingly healthy to the person that practices it. In the insightful Netflix documentary, “Game Changers”, star athletes had described their experience with going vegan and leaving their more normal eating habits behind, and to their surprise, the diet showed promising results to the athletes, as their reaction times and their overall build and stamina improved, and all of the athletes thoroughly enjoyed eating vegan food in the end, and termed it as an important crossroad event in history, as we have the opportunity to make the world, and ourselves better, if only we could leave behind tradition and our behaviour.

The vegan diet consists of all types of vegetables, mushrooms, legumes, seeds, etc. vegan diets do, in fact, have more proteins and carbohydrates than meat, judging by weight alone. There is very little fat and calories in vegan food and in turn, it has become a staple for vegetarians, and meat eaters who are disillusioned with the meatpacking industry all over the world.

So with clarity, it can be implied that not only can you sustain yourself with a vegan diet, you can thrive. The only obstacles left are the nostalgic factors that make us revert to our old ways and the societal pressures all around us.


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